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05 Mar

"When you get shot down at a bar it hurts, when you get shot down online you just move on to the next one," Gallagher said.

"People are more comfortable going to a computer than going to a bar and trying to chat up someone.

And I think because of that, that's why we're seeing so much innovation in this industry right now, with new sites and apps, and new ways for people to meet using technology. This evolving technology may be easy to understand for those who grew up in the millennial age.

People in their 20s, who are familiar with the fast paced digital scene, are not fazed by the idea of hooking up online.

Men, who are 40 percent more likely to initiate contact online, are used to not getting a response back.

"For me, when I go on Ok Cupid and I look at match percentage and I look at how a woman looks, then I say, oh she's really cute and I send her a message, I get no response.

The digital world is constantly evolving, having an influence on our work lives, leisure time and even our dating lives.

However, some people in their 40s, who grew up with more formal models of courtship, feel differently.It's easy to talk to someone anonymously and try your best and try a line that you wouldn't try anywhere else.Then, if it works, great, and if it doesn't you don't have a reason to be ashamed." Experts believe that people often get digitally rejected because they are much more specific with defining their ideal mate than they would be offline.And I'm not surprised by that because they probably get 50 messages a day," Scotland said.Many women may not be open with meeting a person online who doesn't meet their offline expectations.