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16 May

The island's three villages compete regularly against each other.

There are three islets on the huge traiangular shaped reef - Ko to the south east, Frigate Bird to the southwest and the main islet of Wale ("wah-lay") to the north where there are three villages.

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He has a bunch of younger islanders who do it for him.The soil is infertile and coconut palms, pandanus, puraka - a variety of taro tolerant of the environment - and a few breadfruit trees make up the main vegetation.And mosquitos are a particular pest....although they're not malarial The islanders have a passion for their own form of cricket called kirikiti. Games are played with a long three-sided bat and a "ball" or "bowl" that can best be described as a solid block of wood.Not surprising then that it was previously called Danger Island - a name it was given back in 1765 by English commodore, John Byrom who found himself unable to land because of the heavy seas pounding a large, submerged reef to the west. The first European to sight it though was Spanish explorer, Alvaro de Mendana on 20 August, 1595 - St. The felling of trees is also prohibited without permission from village elders.If a bird is killed out of season, or crabs or coconuts taken early, small but humiliating fines are imposed.