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13 May

ABDA: American, British and Dutch Administration, censor handstamp, WW II. Abgeschliffen: (Ger.) ground off, such as German South West Africa altered cancelers. Abidjan: French West Africa; 1959: March 21: stamp issue when colony became independent. Ablieferungbescheinigung: (Ger.) receipt for delivery. Abnormal perforations: may be caused by a bent pin in the perforating machine. Abono(s): (Sp.) marking on early covers indicating that postage was prepaid to destination. Above privilege number: handstamp applied to a letter disallowed under the franking system. 2: Advanced Base Post Office Abrechnung: (Ger.) settling of account. 4: aerophilately, a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. E.: (Fr.) "affairs étrangcres" foreign affairs, French Colony Revenue inscription. Afrique Orientale Italienne: (Fr.) Italian East Africa. AG: Antigua and Barbuda, country code as used by UPU. G.: Attorney General, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. Agata: (It., Sp.) type size in printing, agate (color). Airmail: 1: official: first official airmail flew on Feb. 2: inscription on stamps of many nations for mail carried by air. Air Mail Beacon: series of lights placed along air mail routes for safety and success of night flights; 1924. Color Separation: the process of preparing a separate drawing, engraving, or negative for each color required in the printing of a stamp. Harling Group: United Kingdom postal strike, local post, 1971. C., issued Confederate provisional adhesive and envelope. Harris index: research index of British Commonwealth books and journals; available from APRL; see: APRL.

private local post serviced Boston, Lawrence and North Andover, Mass., label; 1850. ABCF: Associa'ão Brasileira dos Comerciante Filatélicos; Brazilian Stamp Dealers Association. Abhängige: (Ger.) dependency (in the geopolitical sense). Ablösung: (Ger.) franking privilege for Prussian local officials. Abnormal: nickname for stamps produced by De La Rue for Great Britain; 1862-80: one sheet for the archives, selected from sheets printed from a new plate, balance of sheets put into circulation. Abominable Snowmania: bogus, Punch magazine cover parody. Abonnement: (Fr., Ger.) subscription Abonnements-Poste: (Fr.) subscriptions for newspaper do not require postage stamps; Universal Postal Union regulation. 3: affairs étrang Pres (Fr.) foreign affairs, French Colony revenue inscription. Afrique Orientale Anglaise: (Fr.) British East Africa. Airlift for our Servicemen: inscription, see Airlift stamp. S.1868 issue for shipping packages to service personnel overseas. Color Registration: marks of different sizes and shapes used as an aid in properly registering the different colors in the printing process. Harkara: Indian States (Hindi) term for postal runner Harlem Express: baggage firm that serviced New York City, used a label, year unknown. Harris' Globe Delivery: parcel delivery serviced unknown area; issued a label; year unknown.

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Thanks to the owners of "Ask Phil" we have a large amount of data already here. I would like to request all members have a look at their favorite topics and check the entries. Agenzia dei vapori Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Aguinaldo: Philippines, local revolutionary issue of 1898. Air Mail rotary set: refers to the 1995 series from Panama issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rotary international. Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Arge: (Ger.) philatelic study group for a particular area of collecting. Colosnah: city in Egypt, Interpostal Seals used 1879-82, see Interpostal Seals. Column: a single-stamp width multiple of stamps from a sheet, pane or booklet in a vertical format; horizontal strips are called "row."Columnas: (Sp.) pillar boxes, or mail boxes. F F, F fr: catalog abbreviation for currency in Andorra, France and Monaco, (Franc). FFUS: abbreviation for first flights by US airlines. F I A F: (Sp.) "Federación Interamericana de Filatelia," Inter American Federation of Philately. FIDES: Economic and Development Fund; common theme on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1956. Fiera di Trieste: (It.) overprint on stamps of Italy, Trieste, 1950-53. 100% Free Online Dating for Bucuresti Singles at Mingle2Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Bucuresti looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with.I would like to think I am a honest and warmhearted person, always trying to be true to myself and my friends.Poetry, music and tactical warfare are not just hobbies for me, but integral parts of my complex personality...