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09 Apr

And when it comes to a relationship, you need to accept all of the person – you can’t pick and choose what parts of him you want to accept and which you don’t.If he’s not ready to live with you now, then that’s really where he’s at.If you are too short, or if you have some physical disability or if no matter how hard you try, you can’t get that GMAT score to get you to the best school, you might not be able to do much about those natural limitations.But there is a lot you can do to improve other aspects of who you are – your style, your manner of communication, your sense of humor, and your level of fitness among other things.But as you remind yourself of the above points periodically, among doing other things, it will surely help you deal with your jealousy and work toward focusing on your current partner – the person you love and on all of the good things you have together now – and not on his past life and his past dating experiences. maybe not immediately in the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship, but sooner or later a relationship will force us to face things we would rather not face.Your mission should be not being the best out there at any costs but making the most out of what you have, and being the best person that can be considering all the circumstances of your life, and all your great qualities as well as limitations.

You are well aware of the fact that your partner is not a virgin.

He has his own history of ups and downs in dating and relationships.

The past love life of your partner must have taught him a few valuable lessons about himself and the opposite sex.

And as long as you do what’s in your power to improve yourself, you should feel good about yourself.

There has to be a reason why your partner is with you and not with his ex or with someone else out there or alone.