Dating rules in afghanistan

26 Apr

Two newer customs making their way from the West: silver and diamond solitaire engagement rings and videography.

Many a wealthy prospective groom in Kabul, Afghanistan is now presenting a Western engagement ring to his bride.

The bride and groom will usually sit down on the women’s side, and not even appear to the male guests.

What Afghan Brides Wear A bride wears some shade of purple at her engagement party, a requirement in most Islamic cultures – although this should be seen as a culture rule, not an Islamic rule.

She may wear a green wedding dress as well as a white wedding dress.

The wedding requires usually two dresses – first, the Islamic green wedding dress and then the fairytale-esque white wedding dress.

Wealthier brides may have even more changes during her wedding gala to an evening gown.

Typically, a chicken or a sheep will be sacrificed near the bride on her wedding day by a close male relative of the groom.

When the both sides decide on a agreement her family will bring a piece of candy to the groom's family.

After the agreement is reached, both sides will plan a day for the Sher-E-Ne Khore Party.

The Sher-e-ne Khore party should be paid for by the bride’s family.

Men who can afford it are wearing gold or silver wedding bands.

Videography at Afghan Weddings is increasingly more elaborate, showing a video of the bride once she is dressed, and following her and the groom all the way on their journey to the wedding hall where the guests are waiting.