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20 Apr

The thread count not only describes the width of the stripes on a sett, but also the colours used.For example, the thread count "K4 R24 K24 Y4" corresponds to 4 black threads, 24 red threads, 24 black threads, 4 yellow threads.

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the highland tartans were only associated with either regions or districts, rather than any specific Scottish clan.In modern colours, setts made up of blue, black and green tend to be obscured. These shades are meant to represent the colours that would result from fabric aging over time.Muted refers to tartan which is shade between modern and ancient.The sequence of threads, known as the sett, starts at an edge and either repeats or reverses on what are called pivot points.In diagram A, the sett reverses at the first pivot, then repeats, then reverses at the next pivot, and will carry on in this manner horizontally.