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22 May

Various aluminum products were also introduced, such as the Galaxy line.

The Galaxy line featured Stainless Steel construction with a bonded aluminum lining.

The 500 line was a series of miniature 1400 series cookware, marketed as toys for children, but manufactured to the same standards as all their consumer cookware.

The mini sets, which were available through 1983, have become quite collectible.

Prior to the sale of Revere Ware to Corning Glass inc in 1985, the brand offered or had in development four series.

The traditional 1400 series continued to sell well.

Focusing primarily on consumer cookware such as (but not limited to) skillets, sauce pans, stock pots, and tea kettles.

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It was stamped on the bottom of their cookware for almost 20 years.While historians and aficionados cite the 6000 Line Designers' Group pieces as the finest cookware manufactured by Revere Ware, the 6500 Line Designer's Group was a confusing addition that sold poorly.Other lines introduced to expand the Revere Ware brand were the heavy duty Institutional line, substituting Stainless Steel handles for the bakelites.Over the next 40 years, Revere Ware would introduce new series to position itself in competition with other manufacturers at various price points, or for specific specialty markets.In the early 60's the profitability of Revere Ware began to level off.