Dating poem

07 Mar

If you appreciate fine contemporary poetry, then this site demands a bookmark.There are many ways to get to the Valentine poems on the site. If you aren’t too superstitious about cats, dive straight into the site and browse through their collection of love poems.Watch the video, take in the images, hear the voices, and connect with the project: Street Poem Coordinator, John Organ: [email protected] tried to commit suicide, and thought, I went back into the hospital voluntary, and I went, I did another three times voluntary, going in, three times I attempted suicide and… And I met, er, some people, erm, and moved to Nottingham.And when I got to Nottingham, I met some old friends from Manchester and, er, they said to me, ‘Oh, we’re going on a protest over in Ireland, do you want to come?

So head for these lovely websites to borrow and steal some Valentine poems for your date.A scroll down the webpage reveals over 300 love poems…a lot of them by legends of verse like Yeats and Tennyson.Some also have been submitted by enthusiastic poets and you can also submit your own.Street Poem is a growing collection of stories from people who have first hand experience of what it means to be homeless.This web site is the result of people coming together to create a collective understanding of homelessness through the lens of our shared humanity The poem is the people; their lives are the narrative.