Dating or in a relationship dating profile introduction examples

11 Apr

So about a year ago, I decided that I would only pursue dates with men who were looking for a relationship. So I was left with guys who were genuinely interested in finding a partner and settling down — right? Because, as I’ve written before, saying you want a relationship and actually being in a relationship are actually two completely different things.I’d meet men who probably wanted a relationship, but who didn’t want one with me.And it wasn’t as if grief had struck down my sex drive — it was humming along quite nicely.It was just the men in question that turned me off.I wanted a partner who was compassionate, intelligent, had a close relationship with his family, who liked to cuddle, and who wouldn’t roll his eyes when I wanted to veg on the couch for a 5-hour-long As many people know, high expectations tend to beget huge disappointments.So after a few months, I readjusted my “type.” When prince charming still wasn’t showing up, I tried to be a little more flexible and free with my requirements.I’ve definitely pulled back from the apps a bit, only using them a few days a week instead of every day.But, most importantly, I’m recognizing the importance of getting to know a person as, well, a There are some lessons we learn early on in our dating journey — like the fact that a long list of requirements isn’t helpful.

Of course, I’ve made my triumphant return to the dating scene and have had many lovely experiences since — including a two-month long relationship with a guy which ended in a total clusterfuck.It was then that I realized why I found these men so boring — we had nothing in common.They were men who I wouldn’t have given a second glance at two years ago.But there are some, like this one, that come a little late in the game.My recent dates have felt less like I’m auditioning men for a role in my life, and more like I’m just getting to know a new friend.