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Tourist visas are valid for 10 years from the day they are issued, and permit three separate entries for a total stay of up to 90 days per year. This fee can be paid with cash, money order, or bank account transfer at a Bolivian consulate, or in cash at any point of entry.

Applicants must have a 2x2 (centimeter) color photograph, a passport valid for 6 months, and a hotel reservation or letter of invitation in Spanish. While proof of yellow fever vaccination is no longer mandatory, visitors coming from countries where the disease is prevalent may be asked to provide it.

The passport must be valid for 3 months following the intended departure from the country.

Bahamas | Bahrain | Bangladesh | Barbados | Belarus | Belgium | Belize | Benin Bermuda | Bhutan | Bolivia | Bosnia-Herzegovina | Botswana | Brazil British Virgin Islands | Brunei | Bulgaria | Burkina Faso | Burma (Myanmar) Bahamas, The A valid U. Passport with two blank visa pages is required to enter the Bahamas and return to the United States.

Citizens who arrive via air will be denied re-entry to the United States without a valid passport.

As of June 1, 2009, this requirement has been extended to sea travel (except closed loop cruises), including ferry service. While closed-loop cruise passengers do not need a passport, it is strongly recommended for them to carry a valid one should they need to disembark or return to the United States by air.

List of popular tours in Barbados Belgium A passport valid three months (six months recommended) beyond the intended duration of the visit to Belgium, as well as proof of sufficient funds and a return airline ticket are required.