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11 May

If so, some study programmes offer the option of registering as a contract or A la Carte student.The A la carte programme offers individual courses without earning credits.If you add multiple languages, you can use the up and down arrows in My Content and Search box to indicate the order in which these languages should be used.For example, if you want French to be the primary language and English to be used only if French is not available, click the arrows to make sure French has top priority.

Would you like to follow a lecture series that particularly appeals to you, but without the obligations that usually go with it?For an overview of studies and subjects go to our A la Carte prospectus or Contract education prospectus.Registration If you are registered as a student at another Dutch university or HBO institution, you can request registration as a guest student at Leiden University.You can view your Share Point display language, time zone, country/region, and related settings at any time from your personal profile page, accessible from your desktop or mobile devices.If your organization policies allow it, you can also change your language and region settings.