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11 Feb

We ensure that offshore units are safe, efficient and reliable whilst secure that our customers stay at the competitive edge.This document provides an introduction to the system of offshore classification, how it works, conditions of validity and its interaction with maritime and coastal state control.Well tests often happen at relatively short notice and in many cases it is an activity arranged by the operator with little input from the rig owner.

DNV GL has several standards and publications relevant for designing and constructing in-water terminals, fixed or floating.Knowledge provided will ensure an efficient and effective follow up process to maximize the benefits of the notation.The guidelines are to be used in conjunction with DNVGL Rules for classification of Drilling units and the technical standard DNVGL-OS-E101 Drilling Systems together, as a supplementary guidance document.This guidance has been developed to enable enhanced control of temporary equipment being delivered to fix and mobile offshore units.This document aid service companies, drilling contractors, oil companies, vessel owners, and guide them in certifying and controlling the temporary equipment being sent offshore.