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06 May

The earlier Hallstatt civilization was centred along the Upper Danube in Austria.During the late sixth and fifth centuries BCE, the locus of the Celtic heartland shifted to the Rhine, and by about 450 BCE was north of the Alps astride the Upper Rhine and Rhone rivers in Switzerland and eastern France.Whilst we try to bring you up-to-date information about all language, translation, transcreation and interpretation related subjects, we might have missed something that you think is important.If that has happened, contact us and make us aware of it so that we can spread the news with even more like-minded linguists!

• What Type of Arts, Crafts and Designwork are Associated with La Tene? In Western Europe, its evolution and historical development was roughly coincident with the fate of the Celts themselves.Not surprisingly, given the militaristic nature of the culture, most of the objects were weapons, including more than 150 swords (mostly unused), nearly 300 spear-heads, and 22 shield plates.Other items included 400 brooches, as well as tools and other implements.In 1885, after a series of sporadic investigations, the the Société d'Histoire of Neuchâtel agreed to complete the excavations.In total, more than 2,500 items have been recovered.