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16 Feb

In our case, we must make sure that each criteria combination only exists once in our table.In the example on the right hand side, we would have exactly this problem: There are 3 VW Golfs in our table, so the return value is the sum of the 3 prices.One more word to the case in which you got more than one search criteria and want to return text: In such case we recommend using a new search column, which combines all the search criterias.For instance, if you are searching for a person by first name and family name and want to return the address, you can concetanate first name and family name into one cell.That way you only have to search for the complete name within one column.We’ve prepared a handy printout for you: A summary of the most important information about when to use VLOOKUP, SUMIFS or the INDEX/MATCH combination."Sometimes the differences between spreadsheets are not all that important, or you can work around them, but in many cases it's important not to waste time trying to resolve whose spreadsheet is right, because they could all be wrong," Kugel said.

If your return value is a numeric value (like a number or date), SUMIFS has a some advantages (as shown in the table above) and we recommend using it.Comparatively, 34% of large companies, 20% of midsize, and 23% of small also attested to the existence of dueling financial spreadsheets.Although using Excel often saves time up front because people are familiar with the program and therefore do not need to be trained, Kugel said using spreadsheets for finance processes is incredibly time-consuming in the long run.If you return value is text, both VLOOKUP and the INDEX-MATCH combination work.The following decisions are then no exclusion criterions but rather matters of convenience.