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07 Feb

Need JCL to Copy/Repro VSAM file How to deal with error SB37 Sample cobol Ims pgm FILE STATUS 39 while opening the file How can I find out who is using the dataset (PS) in ISPF? Checking the SPOOL for no of jobs using REXX Check the syntax errors in JCL with out coding TYPRUN=SCAN How to download all members from pds at 1 time?JCL ERROR return CODE 614 How to solve IMS U0476 Abend Rec count for multiple flat files - PS U4039-8 abend USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 Difference b/w JCLLIB and PROCLIB how to solve soc7 abend?Unable to copy and paste from Mainframe Emulator to MSExcel Rename all members in a PDS Need to stop sorting after 570 records Can we use Syncsort to copy records with RECFM=U S0C4 with reason code 11 ISPF Panel error COMMAND NOT FOUND WER244A OUTREC - SHORT RECORD how to stop a running job RC -3 in the REXX code in the Batch mode How to trigger a job after a successful NDM process How to move a 9(11) variable to 9(9)v99. passing symbolic parameter in sysin dd statement What is the use of SYSDA,12 Need guidelines switching to Mainframe Field NUMVAL function to convert to Numeric Joinkeys - unpaired keys RECEIVE and IND$FILE (Uploading a file to the mainframe Delete Jobs from Spool ABSTIME & FORMAT TIME COMMANDS Command to view the Max-CC view in Spool Abend with SYNCTOOL - System Completion 013 How to open a dataset without going through 3.4 utility User Abend u0777 Recover a deleted dataset.Upload and replace newline characters from data file Future of Mainframe Technology COBOL variable is not getting rounded off How to read 0C4/AKEA abend in CICS can we write a jcl to compare two files ? Cond Parameter Error Calculate primary/secondary space Search a string within a PDS Insufficient storage while running a cobol program Clean up DB2 string from unreadable characters JCL Error in IF ELSE: EXPECTED CONTINUATION NOT RECEIVED SPLIT FILE into multiple files using Syncsort A006 PROGRAM INTERRUPT - CODE 7 (DATA EXCP) how to remove zeroes from numeric field Release a HELD job using JES command in batch.NUMERIC check in COBOL Import excel into mainframe file.Batch job submission using FTP what is the difference between IMS/DC and CICS Connect Direct to transfer a file from mainframe to Unix DB2 Certification Guidelines DB2 Codd's rules What are S222, S322, S722 errors COBOL File status code 35 Current Date/Time thru JCL without writing any pgm.

SUPERC is only showing me diffrences upto 133 bytes Does CURRENT-DATE function work in cobol II Browse dataset using rexx Discussion about Control M scheduler BLKSIZE is ZERO in JCL File Status 90 : While writing a file FTP to transfer files from mainframe ADRDSSU- Copy generation to generation Syntax to insert multiple rows from SPUFI BPXWDYN - assembler dynamic allocation SC03 Error ( was S0C3) Unable to restore a GDG dump Invalid block size Using BPXWDYN to allocate GDG's by relative generation Find the Compile time stamp of a COBOL load module COBOL program for unknown Input file length JOB details from JHS using a REXX program Input from JCL to REXX Removing lines from the input file Extract matching and non matching recs using SORT STEPLIB used to denote library for cobol db2 Load module Extract Dataset Name using Rexx. Calling a DB2 program from a Pure Cobol Program Get system related infos in PL/I Copy data from one file to other using SORT SQLCODE 00000080N Run "Hello world" COBOL program in mainframes REXX to get the maximum volume occupied by VSAM, IAM, PS, PD TRACE ON for a COBOL Program mismatch of LRECL in cobol program and jcl.Usage and functions of IKJEFT01 Need Solution for S0C1 Abend JOIN paired, Unpaired JCL To Execute A REXX Program Copy Members for One PDS to another Count no of records in a file using SORT FTP error Return Code = 27000, Error Code = 00007 -904 DB2 error with DSNTEP2 utility How to fix S322 ABEND File status 90: When opening the file 4038 ABEND when Calling a CICS/DB2 program How to find and handle SOC7 error List the companies who deal with mainframes Difference between Cobol CALL and CICS LINK / XCTL INCLUDE condition in SYNCSORT VSAM overflow, error code 28. EVALUATE in Cobol How to set return code of a step to zero ?What is DB2 Bind and what does it do TSO IND$FILE from a mainframe PDS to a PC.VSAM file opening file status 39 JCL to submit 3 jobs one after another How to resolve S013 abend Why COMP-1 and COMP-2 dont hav picture clause How to catalog an uncataloged dataset Need information about Objectstar(HURON) Conversion from FBA to FB File Status 47 in VSAM File File transfer to PC without using FTP Special names in Cobol Code.cobol string concatination Share your best REXX tool concepts Pointer concept in Cobol Copying dataset to new dataset using rexx?