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09 May

“I see a woman I find attractive in the West Village and I can approach her. The quality is the hard part.” Lindsey (not her real name), a thirty-five-year-old media executive, says she enjoys living downtown, but adds that the dating scene has lost its allure.

Here, I meet someone’s eye at Fairway, she tends to look away. Sometimes I still feel like Stamford is a bedroom community, but one where there’s not a lot of action in the bedroom.” Single women tell us that while there’s not necessarily a man shortage here, they’re tired of meeting non-committal guys more interested in texting their next prospect than in getting serious. I meet nice people almost every day,” explains Cheryl Farley, a personable, forty-year-old in the Stamford real estate business. “You have to deal with the guys who seem to have forgotten they’re married.” And some prospects have been so shallow it’s downright discouraging.

“It can be frustrating when the first question I get is ‘What do you do?

’” says Tony, who adds that while he is professionally successful, “I really want to find someone who’s interested in me.” Adam Swerdlow, an outgoing twenty-eight-year-old who works in the local financial services industry, says he’s so convinced some Fairfield County women are gold-digging, he sometimes picks up dates in a beat up car (he also owns a nicer one) and takes them to laid-back ethnic restaurants to test their reactions.

She’s pretty much written off her prospects of randomly meeting a guy out and about.

“When I meet someone online, I’m excited to show them Stamford and have them see all it has to offer.

It’s just not where I want to meet someone.” Why so adamant it can’t happen here?

As for meeting available women, Adam observes there’s something about Stamford’s distinctly suburban underpinnings that makes them seem less open. “I can talk to just about anyone, but I’ll approach a woman when I’m out and get the impression what’s going through her head is, ‘He wants to sleep with me,’ when really, I just want to have a nice conversation.” Steve often has better luck meeting women in New York City.

“There was a time when Bedford Street rolled up at night—there were literally one or two places you could go—but that has completely changed,” says Tony, who back in the day used to head to the old Art Bar when he was looking for some fun nightlife.

“For a while, that pretty much was the scene.” Now, with hundreds of luxury apartment units and some ninety bars and restaurants—many of them downtown within walking distance, as well as in the revitalized South End and Harbor Point—Stamford has arguably transformed into a singles mecca.

“In the summer, there’s almost a street party atmosphere; everyone’s sitting outside, even talking to people at tables at the next restaurant,” says Tony.

“I bring clients visiting from places like Boston and they can’t believe the nightlife.” Matt enjoyed the nightlife too.