Christian divorce and dating and kids

18 Mar

I just write and mentor to help those who had no choice but to divorce – for whatever reason.

Have you ever noticed on Facebook when a divorced woman starts dating or gets remarried that all the comments say the same thing?

Even if you do somehow manage to hold it together, trying to prove everyone wrong, the chances of it being a good marriage are even rarer.

One of you is likely to cheat because the trust was never established, ) No matter what the reason for the divorce was, all parties need to fully understand why the first marriage failed so that they can prevent the second divorce before it happens.

I’d love to stop the cycle of abuse and divorce in my family’s legacy – and that of others.

Who has time for dating with all these more important things to take care of, on her plate?

The two main reasons second marriages fail are because, one, kids want their biological parents to be together and they’ll try to cause division between the parent and step-parent.

For some newly single men and women getting back into the dating scene is almost immediate.

Even when ladies come to me asking if they should stay or leave a marriage, I never give them a blanket statement to just divorce. I’m pro-marriage when it’s healthy and blessed by God.

The facts are that 50% of our country, even () Christians, are getting divorced these days.

Or never become one of those things in the first place by turning and repenting from sin.

If it was a mental illness that caused those actions then he should’ve taken steps to seek help Another reason why I’m not dating, I care more about my children than myself!