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09 May

On Études for Acoustic Guitar, First twists and bends notes from his steel-string acoustic guitar, an instrument traditionally associated with American folk, country and blues music.

And in fact, those genres are central to Firsts explorations here, constituting portions of a palette that also encompasses jazz and Indian classical music.

This is due in part to a workmanlike, low-profile approach to recording and releasing music, despite time served in the mighty Skullflower.

Organic, soulful, melancholy and uplifting, Civil War Songs is protest music made for these times."On this second installment in the Same Animal, Different Cages series of tonal investigations, David First dons his no-madder-than-you scientists lab coat and proceeds to fire up and overheat his newest subject, a Korg MS-20.The resulting six tracks are characterized by rapid-fire analog oscillations, relentlessly and exuberantly pitched up and down to suit their performers curiosity.Its almost as if the room itself speeds up and slows down as First performs in it, anchoring himself in three humble dimensions and letting time do what it will.The Same Animal, Different Cages series serves as the latest chapter in the oeuvre of a musician whose defining quality is arguably his curiosity.