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Though the tales are darkly humorous, they’re not hopeful.Take them in gradually to best appreciate all the eccentric characters.Bonkers world-building, bizarre creatures, mysteries and conspiracies—carve out time when you pick this novel up, because you won’t want to put it down. There are eight total books, each full of odd outings and characters–some of which will appear in the upcoming film, like the Balloon Woman.They’re imaginative and so much more out there than you can image. The book is a staple on school curriculums, and I can remember it being one of my first introductions to science fiction.He’s a roving mercenary who kills to earn his living (and to help out the Congolese).He put the bang in Bangkok and the joy in New Joysey.

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He’s in the middle of the world’s largest ball of twine.

In addition to the difficulties of putting pen to paper, authors must now contend with a slew of new media.

In an era when authors are expected to do more and more to promote their own work, Booklife steers readers through the bewildering options: -What should authors avoid doing on the Internet?

-How do authors protect their creativity while still advancing their careers?

-How do you filter out white noise and find the peace of mind to do good work?