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16 Feb

The third installment in the franchise is now off the schedule.

Last June, MTV News traveled up to Vancouver to visit the set of "Tron Legacy," Disney's 3-D stand-alone sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic. Question: Do you have your own entire storyline, or are you just there to support the men? I'm not just there to support the men, which is what's so fantastic about this film.

The Blindspot project is where we watch and review a classic film we have never seen before.

I had never seen Tron before tonight but had heard how great it was from many people.

Now that I’ve seen it I can see why they like it so much.

It’s a thoroughly unique, creative, entertaining sci-fi film.

it had become kind of in the same wave of funky '80s things coming back and being ironic for my generation. I was only mildly aware of how revolutionary it really was for its time. So my favorite part of it I would say is the ensemble -- when it's together, it's a complete departure for myself.

About a year ago, when I started talking to [the producers] about doing this film, I became much more familiar with it. I don't recognize myself in dailies or in the mirror, and that kind of frees me.

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The Hollywood Reporter said the project had never officially been greenlit, but it was expected to start shooting this fall in Vancouver with director Joseph Kosinski at the helm.

Question: Were you familiar with "Tron" [before you joined the cast?

] Wilde: For me, "Tron" was something I always knew as a cool, retro, funky thing that I'd seen referenced in everything from music videos to television shows, either on "Family Guy" or… I think that's what every actor sort of dreams of being able to do.

Along with a select group of journalists, we toured the set, talked to cast and crew and immersed ourselves in all things "Tron." A studio-imposed embargo has now lifted and we can bring you another round of our "Tron Legacy" interviews. I'm a close confidant of Jeff Bridges' character, Flynn. I often say that, you know, the reason you see so many …

Here's some of what the film's leading lady Olivia Wilde had to say. actresses taking television roles is because there are more roles where you can play an independent woman, not just someone's sister or girlfriend and it's become rare in film, I think, to play an independent woman. So, to answer your question, thank god no, I'm not just there!