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09 May

After reportedly turning down Pretty Woman and Ghost, the mother-of-three appeared in Strike It Rich, Not Another Teen Movie and TV shows Townies and The Stand.From 2013 onwards, the twice-married beauty has released a jazz album and written an advice column for a British newspaper.Demi Moore She is probably one of the most well-known stars to come out of The Brat Pack and the 53-year-old is now still as famous for her private life as her movie roles.While many of the previously mentioned stars had their biggest box office hits in the 80s, Demi's came the following decade with the likes of Ghost, Indecent Proposal, A Few Good Men and Disclosure.Actor Judd Nelson was born on November 28, 1959, in Portland, Maine.The son of a lawyer and a court mediator, Judd Nelson has made a career out of playing bad guys and antiheroes.Ally Sheedy Like many of her fellow Brat Packers, the 53-year-old started off in The Breakfast Club and St. The mother-of-one's most popular appearances all came in the 1980s with War Games and Maid To Order, but the following decade included High Art and Sugar Town.Ally - who dated Bon Jovi and was previously married to David Lansbury - is behind publications She Was Nice to Mice and Yesterday I Saw the Sun: Poems.

Like many of his co-stars, Andrew has also firmly moved into TV, appearing in Lipstick Jungle, White Collar, Royal Pains and The Family.

In his next big role, Nelson reunited with Estevez and Sheedy for the post-college drama Around the mid-1980s, Judd Nelson and several other actors and actresses, such as Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew Mc Carthy and Demi Moore, were labeled as the "Brat Pack." Members of this so-called pack were characterized as a young and reckless group that often went out partying. The show starred Brooke Shields as Susan, a copy editor copy who becomes a magazine columnist after dumping her fiancé at the altar.

Nelson played Jack, her boss and almost brother-in-law.

After two years at Haverford College, he left school to pursue acting.

Nelson moved to New York City in 1980 where he studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory. The film, which also starred Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall, focused on five teenagers serving in-school detention on a weekend.