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25 Apr

These are usually produced at the local "adobe yard," though many are made by owner-builders.However, the adobe walls of the horno (5"-8") are only half the thickness of adobe home walls.

• Natural Building • The Building Codes • Societal Impact Matrix • Return of The Village • Habitat For Humanity • Earthmother Dwelling • Intuitive Design • Curves of Breath & Clay • Feng Shui• Overview of Techniques • Nature, Earth & Magic • Hybrid House • Barefoot Architecture • History of Cob • Cob Q & A • Natural Composites • Compressed Earth Blocks • Adobe Oven • Earthen Floor • Earthbags • Honey House • German Clay Building • Straw-bale Dome • Earthen Plaster & Aliz • Natural Paints • Bamboo Learning how to build the adobe bread oven (or horno as it is called in Spanish-speaking parts of the world) is an ideal introduction to sun-dried mud brick construction, mud mortar and mud plastering.Sometimes for the taller bases, this beginning phase should take two work sessions (for a longer drying period).Now the small dome of the oven can be started on the top of the platform hearth.The hand-moulded adobe is actually the simplest and most ancient method, (dating back at least 10,000 years to in the Middle Eastern town of Jericho.) This creative and fun method works best in rainy areas.Not only can you shape an adobe that will be thinner and thus dry much faster, it will also bond better with the mortar and stay in place (as on an incline at the top of the dome).