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02 Apr

His six colleagues—the UP representatives for Mercury, Earth, Luna, Ganymede, Titan and Triton—were all present in the flesh.

They had to be; electronic diplomacy was not possible over solar system distances.

In this sense, information transfer is equivalent to data transmission which highlights more practical, technical aspects.

Even today, many otherwise educated men—like those savages who can count to three but lump together all numbers beyond four—cannot grasp the profound distinction between There is no such abrupt change of scale in terrestrial affairs.

In this case, they may add a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer.

Of course, something existing doesn't necessarily imply that it was common enough to just show up in the chronological and spatial span of the work or at the frequency it does in the work, which is why period pieces in which all the costumes are reconstructions or composites of documented outfits still manage to be fashionable for the period the works are written/produced in.

In other words, this trope is in play when a quaint element of Real Life appears in a work of fiction and is mistaken for part of the fiction.

The cause is always simple unfamiliarity with the object, so it is more likely to trip up an audience of people viewing that work from a different perspective, most commonly years after the work was released, or in another country.