Bill nye carbon dating

06 Mar

"Is just as valid as science based on direct, real-time observation.""Had I been Nye, I would have said, 'How do you know that Abraham Lincoln was President? '" The fact is that there are documents, which tell us that he did exist.

Similarly, there are clues within the universe that point to its origins.

For his part, Ham relied heavily on arguments from authority, showing videos of various scientists who professed their belief in a geologically recent six-day creation, including Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI scanner.

Ham also sought to distinguish between "historical science," which Ham says is mere speculation, and "observational science," which Ham equates with "real" science that leads to technological advances. Ham holds a bachelor's degree in environmental biology from Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia and a teaching certificate from the University of Queensland.

I will be happily be dining on crow today at lunch," he wrote on his blog after the debate.And Ken Ham is no mean orator, usually," noted the National Center for Science Education, a not-for-profit membership organization that defends the teaching of evolution and climate science."[Ham's] presentation was largely drawn from his stock presentations, sometimes rambled far afield, and often raced by so quickly that it was hard even to know what he was saying."But Nye played to the gallery and charmed the audience.Here’s why I haven’t been in a rush to bring it up: I do not make the common mistake of conflating skepticism and atheism.To quote the eloquent Daniel Loxton, “atheism is an albatross for the skeptical movement.