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05 Mar

” It was the voice of Bill Struth, who had travelled to the port in person to collect his new player.

Hansen’s English at the time was basically limited to ‘yes’ and ‘no’, so conversation on the train to Glasgow was somewhat limited.

Combining his football career with a job as an office clerk at a local tobacco firm (“emptying wastebaskets and sharpening pencils”) he was an important part of the team that became Danish champions in 1920.

Hansen made the first of his seven international appearances against Sweden at the age of 19, scoring twice in a 3-0 victory.

Keen to make his new protege feel at home, Struth “talked and talked” and used sign language and gestures to get his point across.

The young Dane enthusiastically responded with the only two words of English he knew, but realised later that he’d often used them the wrong way round.

At the height of Rangers’ extravagant spending under David Murray, star signings from abroad would often be whisked into Glasgow on board his private jet.

His career in Scotland may have been cut short by injury but in his three years at Ibrox, the “Great Little Dane” became a firm fans’ favourite.

In his first season, he scored an impresive eight goals in 11 league appearances, but inevitably it was the New Year’s Day game against Celtic the following season that really sealed Hansen’s place as a fans’ favourite.

Three minutes after half-time, he collected a pass from Andy Cunningham around 40-yards out.

The Swedish family name “Hansson” had been converted to the Danish “Hansen” when they moved to Copenhagen.

Young Carl was a talented footballer and signed for local club B1903 in 1915 at the age of 17.