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20 Mar

In fact, she told in May that she wanted her cast to reflect her dating history, and her cast rates as the ABC franchise's most-diverse grouping in its 15-year run.When the season premiered, 11 black men stood a chance with Lindsay among a group of 31.That appearance just started everything in the US.’ He’s obviously thrilled with how well he’s doing – if a bit awestruck.‘I get sales figures every day which blow my mind,’ he says. ‘We’re Billboard’s No.1 in the Hot Adult Contemporary category, we went to No.1 in ten weeks, which hasn’t happened since 1997. Gearing up for a US tour and a duet version of Stay With Me with his heroine Mary J Blige, Smith has notched up more than five million views on You Tube. She smells like vanilla.’ The singer has picked up plenty of celeb fans.

And presumably the number of strangers willing to strike up a chat with the newly rich and famous singer has grown exponentially.

However, it’s not just the bigger dating pool Smith is finding it difficult to adjust to. ‘When you’re surrounded by people telling you you’re great, it’s quite warped and tough.

My team and my mum are strong enough to sort me out if it looks like I’m going to turn into a diva.’ Smith also has to contend with managing his success on both sides of the Atlantic.

I’m not trying to hurt you; I’m trying to win.’ It’s a fantastic mind game.

You have to think.” After a year of living in New York, I think it’s like boxing.