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29 Mar

The gap between the long curtains that covered the glass panes of the double doors, the space purposely left there when she'd drawn them against the dark outside tugged her, constantly drew her eyes. It was where he'd been that other night, when he'd watched her with Marcus.She teased her nipples with her fingers, areola tightening, tiny pimples forming on her aroused flesh. Resting on one hip she stretched the lower leg along the cushioned seat and bent the other leg at the knee, her thighs wide. She winced and gasped when the knob-end bumped over her clit. "Your father couldn't get enough of this tight cunt." Fingers mauled at breast flesh. How fucking upset you were by it." Her body squelched around the girth of that rubber shaft. He peered through the windscreen of the BMW M3 but couldn't see a thing, not with the sheet of water cascading over the glass. The positioning of the settee had been well thought through, and she knew – if he was there – that he would be able to see all of her, would enjoy a clear sight-line to the molten place between her legs. "He was mad for my tits and my pussy." A pause, she couldn't resist it, had to cast a look at the gap in the curtains. She gasped again, head lolling while she groaned in pleasure. So fucking upset that you stayed and watched us fuck." She moaned and winced and laid it all on for him, legs wide, face slack with that idiotic glazed-eyed expression, shoving the dildo deep. I hope you're out there seeing me use this big fucker on my cunt." And so it continued, this lewd exhibition Madeline put on for his sole benefit. He sighed and listened to bullets of rain bouncing off the roof with a hollow ponking sound. He could call the AA and get the tyre changed – the downside being how long it might take for a patrol to arrive. Several thousand, it would be criminal to keep such works of art all to herself. Quickly, with the heat between her legs liquefying, hurried by anticipation, she settled her buttocks onto the sofa and lifted her feet from the floor. He could get over it, put it in a box and compartmentalise. "What puzzles me, Nate..." Her stare confronted him, and Nate shifted against the seat under its weight. What I don't quite understand is why you stayed out there so long." His grandmother stroked her chin, and then tapped it with a forefinger while she pretended to ponder the question.

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They loved her breasts, the men, and she didn't mind showing them off, not at all, after all they'd cost enough. Nate's mind was already working towards playing down the scene, diminishing the encounter he'd witnessed.

Kennedy pulls his cheeks apart and waits to feel the head of marks stiff dick against his hole….

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He certainly didn't expect to see what he did as he skirted the patio on route to the front door. "I recall what I was doing, Nate." Madeline took two steps to the kitchen table and slumped onto one of the six wooden chairs arranged around it. But those feelings were all new, and Nate hadn't had time enough for hate to develop. You just offered yourself, Gran." Her voice was low.

** Marcus Johnson gulped and then swallowed heavily as he watched Madeline's crossed wrists, her fingers lifting the hem of her sweater. Nate pulled another chair from beneath the table and sat down, his eyes level with his grandmother's face as she avoided looking at him.