Are ms jay and mr jay dating

06 May

Theo's plans to impress his date by wearing an expensive designer shirt are ruined when Cliff forces him to return the extravagant purchase.

But Denise comes to the rescue when she offers to make Theo an exact copy for a third of the price.

But his delight turns to disappointment when he sees that Theo has no moves of his own.

Denise wants to attend Princeton like her older sister, Sondra.

But Grandpa Russell wants her to attend Hillman, to uphold a family tradition.

Cliff explains to his father the prestige of attending a highly regarded school like Princeton, until the elder Huxtable points out that Hillman produced a highly regarded doctor... Note: Russell mentions that the only reason Cliff attended Hillman was because of Clair going, but in a later episode from the fourth season, Clair reveals to Vanessa and Rudy that Cliff was at Hillman while she was in high school.

Vanessa sneaks out to see the movie anyway, but soon regrets it when she begins having nightmares.

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Cliff gives the children a lecture on the importance of picking their father a suitable gift instead of the neon ties and yo-yos they usually buy him.When Cliff Huxtable realizes that Clair is overstressed at home and in the office, he treats her to a night in a deluxe, first-class, spare-no-expense room at the Biltmore Hotel.Back at home, Denise is left to watch over the younger kids.Burke, a patient of his who is expecting child number 13.But Cliff's plan backfires when Clair is struck by how good Mrs. Note: This is the first appearance of Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks, Clair's mother.