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11 Mar

The sun was blazing down, the scenery was spectacular,the roads were quiet and in good condition. With time I lost sight of the other bikers as some zoomed off into the distance and others straggled lazily behind. He had light features and a very light but even tan. He was studying at Oxford and was on his way home for the summer. It looked like this was going to be an interesting 250 miles. After about an hour, as we approached a lay-by, Juan tapped me on the helmet and indicated for me to pull over. Juan slipped his shoulders out of his leathers and pushed them down far enough to be able to get his cock out. I could see that he had stopped peeing now but instead of tucking himself back in he just stood there holding it in his hand and, seemingly, admiring the view.Eventually, I began to get tired and hungry so I decided to pull in at the next roadside bar. His eyes were pale blue with a dark ring and as he looked directly into my eyes I almost forgot to listen to what he was saying. If you could give me a lift as far as Madrid, my family will be waiting and they will sort out collecting my bike from the garage.” He concluded, looking at me and waiting for my response. I looked at him closely, wondering if he was telling me the truth. We went out to my bike and I jumped on to start it up. As I stopped the bike he shouted apologetically “Sorry! I pulled out my cock, not trying to hide the fact that it was growing by the second.Finally the doors opened and we rolled off the ferry. It’s the least I can do.” We moved to a table and sat down.Making our way through the gates of the port, we were soon on the 623 road to Burgos, all heading for the south coast by way of Madrid. ” he said enthusiasticly and with a big grin on his face. I slipped out of the top half of my one piece leathers and began to devour my sandwich. He told me about what had happened and explained a little about his family. Normally experienced bikers hold onto the grab handles at the back of the bike or just sit with their hands on their thighs. I had long ago learned that when lady luck shines down on you, it’s best not to ask too many questions. We pulled out onto the road and I accelerated hard.After a short time, as we moved away from the coast, there was a steep climb up to the plateau. I’m just going to get something to eat and then we’ll be off. “Happy to be of service.” I replied with mock politeness. It turned out that his father was Spanish and was one of the top guys in one of the big banks in Spain. I’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up.” With that he hopped on behind me and made himself comfortable. The fact that Juan put his arms lightly on my hips told me that either he wasn’t experienced or that he wasn’t afraid of getting intimate. Juan tightened his grip and moved his hands a little further forward.In no time at all we were in semi desert conditions. His mother was English and from a wealthy family as well. Gradually, as we weaved past the cars, what had been a light grip became a full blown hug. That beer went straight through me.” We both hopped off the bike and made our way towards some trees that formed a small coppice at the side of the road. I just wanted to get another look at that spectacular ass of his.I threw my head back and gasped as he began to pound my prostate. As long as you abide by the rules, there is no way that you cannot enjoy your stay here.

He took my head in both hands and thrust with his hips while pulling my head onto his shaft. We hugged each other as we rolled thrusting with our tongues and our hips, pressing our bodies together as if trying to make them into one. We tossed our clothes aside and lay again on the cool grass. I was jerking my own cock hard now and could feel the first waves of climax starting to build.

There were quite a few other bikes as well and after a few minutes we were all gathered, waiting impatiently.

I noticed quite a few sexy looking guys but with all the clothes and the helmets it was hard to tell what they really looked like.

After just a few more kilometres I approached a large bar/restaurant with a petrol station and a little shop. Not that it mattered to me what he had in the bank. He gave me a lingering look over his shoulder and said “Boy it’s hot! As he spoke he pulled his tee-shirt off over his head.

I pulled in, practising my Spanish in my head and wondering if I was going to be able to find something to eat that I liked. I was more interested in what he had in other places. His body was as well defined as his ass but slim and light just like his face. We both new what we wanted and had decided that we were going to have it.