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23 Mar

Enjoy fishing from our fish landings, precious rock hounding along our rugged coastline, spectacular sunsets all in a peaceful and friendly environment.

"Hall's Harbour is every bit as much of a national treasure as Peggy's Cove.

Experience what happens as 3,680 billion cubic feet of water pour in and out of the "funnel" not once but twice each day: Boats and even ocean-going ships stranded high and dry. The water goes out so far that you have to look for it.

This ebb and flow generates enough power to meet all the world's power needs, if only it were harnessed. As the seawater flows into the Minas Basin twice daily, the Nova Scotia countryside actually tilts slightly under the immense load.

This designation is awarded to Bay of Fundy accommodations, attractions and outdoor adventure operators who have participated in a comprehensive tourism quality development program to raise the standard of excellence in tourism.

Fundy Tides and Tales Bay of Fundy Travel Show #11 Bay of Fundy Tides - Halls Harbour Timelapse Dock Level, Tidal Time Lapse See our detailed photo's of the high and low tides we see here at Halls Harbour. One of the few authentic fishing villages surviving along our shores dating to 1779 when NS held a proud place among the seagoing peoples of the world.

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Looking to witness the tidal bore rolling in or experience the dramatic tides?Stroll along our new boardwalk which circumnavigates the entire harbour basin.Hike the new ecotrail some two km's in length which travels through some of the most beautiful forest and coastal vistas.Home of the legendary Glooscap of the Mi’kmaq people, early European settlers farmed this soil and fished these waters.Today, the Valley's rolling fertile fields also include more than 20 types of grapes and an emerging wine industry.