Android dev console not updating

13 Feb

Now the picture can be adjusted: …and even shown in a full screen mode which is our favorite for demos and presentations.

After you had played enough, let Ashot fulfill its purpose.

However, you will need to have a phone connected to a desktop/laptop via USB port.

In such a way it can be used for full screen presentations, automatic screen capture, and screenshot transformations such as scaling and rotating.

android dev console not updating-11

This is big news for people who have invested in Google's television offering, as it bumps the platform up from a rather old Android 3.2 Honeycomb base. While updated Google TVs will have better mobile app compatibility thanks to Android NDK support, the Chrome browser has changed from the PC to the Android version, meaning there's no Flash support. But to ease the pain, there's a new Vudu application.

Note that not all changes made to the code between releases are listed here.

Fixes to bugs that were introduced after the previous release, small internal changes, code style fixes, and changes of the like are not listed.

Now its time to go back to our code and create our custom Order Adapter class which will manage our list of orders: This is a private class and should be added to our Software Passion View.

This is extended List Adapter which inside overriden get View method returns our row with assigned string values to the textfields defined in Now we have to add some modifications to the on Create method to initialize everything properly and add a method retrieving our orders from somewhere, lets start with the latter: Instead of creating our simple orders in the method above you could of course download them from somewhere and assign the result to the m_orders array list.