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19 May

The new brand utilizes the Microsoft-owned "Groove" trademark formerly used for the unrelated product Microsoft Office Groove (now One Drive for Business).Joe Belfiore explained that the re-branding was intended to disassociate the service from the Xbox product line, making it more inclusive to non-Xbox platforms.After December 31, 2017 the Groove apps would only play downloaded music stored in customers' local or personal cloud storage locations.Groove Music Pass is a subscription-based service allowing unlimited streaming of the service's catalog.Microsoft announced on October 2, 2017, that it would shut down the Groove Music Pass streaming service and remove all music for purchase from the Windows Store by December 31, 2017.Microsoft partnered with Spotify to allow customers to transition their music collection and playlists to the Spotify service.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft had been emphasizing the strength of its Xbox brand because of its appeal to consumers.

It had been expanding the multimedia services available through its Xbox Live to include services such as a video store and online game marketplace.

The Zune Music Marketplace included 11 million tracks.

The line of Zune players and Zune music store were somewhat unsuccessful, and the brand was largely discontinued at the beginning of the 2010s, although it continued to exist on different devices and the Zune Music Pass offered unlimited access to songs for US.99 per month.