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Richard Green sounds way too normal and there isn't any weight to his voice Christopher Gaze runs into similar problems, though he is more energetic than Richard.

Dwight Schultz does a very good job impersonating Ian Mckellan.

The ideal voice for Magneto has to sound sophisticated, intelligent but also menacing when needed to be.

1: Fred Tatasciore 2: David Hemblen 3: Bill Graves 4: Ron Halder 5: Richard Green 6: Tony Jay 7: Maurice La Marche 8: Earl Boen 9: John Stephenson 10: Nolan North Jason Isaacs should play him, I think he'd be really good.1.

However, once I listened to his Marvel Heroes clip, he picked up big time.

What really sells it for me is how James makes Magneto sound both regal and imposing, whereas most of the other voices lean more towards one or the other.

Tony jay you can't go wrong with his performance in X-Men Legends really brings a real villainous side to it Honorary Mentions: Christopher Judge, Bill Graves, Ron Halder, Richard green, and Dwight Schultz were also good Side note: Arnold Vosloo, Jason Isaacs, and Dan woren would make good choices for the character John Stephenson.

Sounds a little too old as Magneto but there is a slight bit of power in his voice.