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22 Feb

Many had never made rape allegations to academy authorities, often out of fear that their claims would not be taken seriously, or that they themselves might end up being punished for minor transgressions of academy rules.Indeed, officials seemed to be dragging their feet, or worse, when an investigation led by the air-force general counsel concluded in June that there was "no systemic acceptance of sexual assault at the Academy [or] institutional avoidance of responsibility." But by September, 61 academy women had told Colorado senator Wayne Allard's office they had been raped or assaulted, four top academy administrators had been replaced, dozens of rules and regulations had been changed, and the Pentagon had launched three investigations, which in turn were being closely scrutinized by Congress.The USAFA/JA Cadet Disenrollment office informs cadet on options, which include: - Resignation - Apply for administrative turnback (to relinquish parental rights and return to complete cadet tenure)-legal proof of parental relinquishment required prior to return to USAFA Otherwise, he declined to comment "on an individual's private life." We consulted with sources familiar with the situation, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, fearing reprisal.They say that apparently the rules are imposed unequally, as male cadets are allowed to stay if they've fathered a child, as long as their names don't appear on a birth certificate and they're not legally considered the father.It all started in January when a handful of female cadets broke the code of silence and began telling their stories to the media and a few members of Congress.In the following months, even as women were flying strike sorties in F-16s and B-2s in the skies over Iraq, more and more victims came out of the woodwork.

If a marriage or paternity/maternity were to occur while a cadet but not be known to Air Force authorities until after graduation, you may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action as an officer. Stephen Williams left for a new assignment at Pearl Harbor in March after serving as commandant since July 2014, according to his official Air Force biography.

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But now we learn that Cadet Mike Sutton, a senior, is the happy expectant father of a child to be born in December to Amanda Williams, the daughter of former Commandant of Cadets Brig. Amanda Williams herself announced this on Instagram, our emphasis added: Mike and I are proud to announce that there will be 10 little fingers and 10 little toes being added to our family of 5.

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