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21 Feb

Zimmerman said there is evidence that Crow Creek was in the process of expanding, and the fortifications hadn’t caught up yet.The ditch seen today is actually the second of two such fortifications at the site.However, it’s impossible to tell how soon after the actual massacre the fire was lit, he said.

A quarter of the skeletons showed knife wounds on the first vertebrae of the neck, which is consistent with a slit throat or decapitation.Larry Zimmerman, a professor of anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, or IUPUI, who worked at the site, said the village was one of the largest in the area.Based on the number of known lodges, it may have supported a population of between 500 and 700, but even a population of more than 1,000 people is not unrealistic.It didn’t take long to debunk the initial theory that this was a group of suicidal braves that had attacked a well-fortified village.By counting a specific piece of bone from near the ear, researchers were able to identify 486 individuals - men, women and children - buried in the mass grave.