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14 Feb

By accepting and wisely managing the illness, Wootton teaches, an individual with bipolar can harness elements of hypomania such as enhanced creativity and productivity.

Depressive introspection can yield deeper awareness and insights.

There’s times when the racing thoughts and the tangential thinking and the pressured speech can get you into a lot of trouble, but also it can help you sell things—that’s my background, sales and customer service—and be able to problem-solve.

“If you leverage it properly and don’t go overboard, it’s amazing the things you can do.” Steve believes that traits associated with his bipolar I helped him create and run the nonprofit Brain Storm Career Services for Psychiatric Disability, a subsidiary of DBSA Colorado Inc., while holding down a day job.

And emotional pain can be a catalyst for personal growth. of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was especially struck when he read Wootton’s books.

The widely publicized book argues that because leaders with depression or bipolar disorder have stronger qualities of empathy, realism, creativity and resilience, they are better equipped for times of crisis.Gartner links relatively high rates of bipolar disorder in the United States to a gene pool heavily weighted with immigrants.The idea is that many immigrants made the leap to a new country thanks to hypomanic traits such as entrepreneurial drive, a high tolerance for risk-taking, creative vision and brash self-confidence.With medication to smooth out her mood swings and talk therapy to defuse the distorted thinking of depression, she’s able to see some pluses to having bipolar.“Research is showing that there are links between creativity and bipolar disorder,” explains Sara, who is now studying for a master’s in counseling psychology.