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He worked as an Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic in Tuyhoa, Vietnam.

He was honorably discharged from Kincheloe Air Base in 1971. He was an all-around outdoorsman, who loved spending time with his grandchildren and family. Don is survived by a son: James (Carla) Cook of Coldwater, MI; a daughter: Kelly Barnes of Louisville, KY; and four grandchildren: Nathan and Jacob Barnes, and Keegan and Nolan Cook. Condolences may be left online at was born on July 3, 1948 in Sault Ste.

With all of these principles, classes, and virtues, it was believed that a "just city" (polis) would exist.

The basic and indicating elements of a polis are: During the Hellenistic period, which marks the decline of the classical polis, the following cities remained independent: Sparta until 195 BC after the War against Nabis.

It will be a roller coaster of emotions but we are thankful we are able to do it.

Don was born on March 7, 1948 in Vincennes, Indiana the son of the late Nobel and Crystal (Land) Cook.

The ancient Greeks did not always refer to Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and other poleis as such; they often spoke instead of the Athenians, Lacedaemonians, Thebans and so on.

The term "city-state", which originated in English (alongside the German Stadtstaat), does not fully translate the Greek term.Along with the two principles and five economic classes, there are four virtues.The four virtues of a "just city" include, wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. These cities consisted of a fortified city centre built on an acropolis or harbor and controlled surrounding territories of land (khĂ´ra). In modern historiography, polis is normally used to indicate the ancient Greek city-states, like Classical Athens and its contemporaries, and thus is often translated as "city-state".