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31 Mar

I simply say to women, if they marry a Pakistani man-beware!Pinterest is a relatively new site on the Internet.This makes Pinterest an important marketing tool for many businesses and everyday people with an eye for sharing great photos.With photo sharing comes the influx of people pulling photos from the Internet without permission. If you need to contact Pinterest customer service in regards to a copyright infringement or if you’re just wondering about your account, you can use one of the contact methods below.She should make sure that she meets his family, relatives, and friends who are in Pakistan.She should ask him, if he is already married or if his family has arranged a marriage for him to take place in the future. It’s equally important that she safeguards her assets. I’m not saying that all Pakistani men are as I described.Often, the Pakistani man will marry or may have already married his first cousin who is still in Pakistan.They probably had an “arranged marriage.” He has a Pakistani wife and a foreign wife now. She has made a life with this man and is emotionally invested. It is extremely difficult and painful for her, as she struggles to figure out what to do.

The pictures are unique because they hold the link to the page from which they were shared.

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