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04 May

An IP camera has an IP address and its own ability to link to the Internet separately from a computer.Using IP cameras is a little more complicated than using webcams, but much more versatile.If you just need to embed video of a conference or lecture to provide information to viewers, webcams might provide all the power you need.For serious professional quality video, though, you should consider other options.You can find a decent-quality webcam for around 0, assuming the screen webcam in your computer is too limiting.(Except for video phone conversations, it probably is.)Webcams are easy to use as well.They have no storage for images, so it’s not possible to use them separately from the computer.Most come with built-in microphones, but the sound quality is not high.

Using a webcam for live streaming adds very little to the complexity of the operation.

Some work with analog and don’t accommodate digital signals.

Check the particulars of the card and accompanying software before buying.

A webcam doesn’t have its own Internet connection or IP address, so a computer is required to connect to a network and process the image into a form that can be streamed.

The advantages of webcams are simplicity of use and price.