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02 May

They are shown to be friends again since In the Cold, Cold Night (1) and were shown saying their final goodbyes to one another in Rusty Cage (2).

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Jenna tells Clare that she knows that Clare is only doing the boob job because Clare wants K. Jenna then asks Clare if she wants to tell everyone that the rumour was false, but Clare says no and says that the school can think whatever they want. also seems rather angry when The Shep calls Clare a bitch. shows Clare how to shoot a basketball into a hoop during gym class. Then, when Connor comes up to them all bloody, she asks K. Listen in as host Matt Scanlan asks questions ranging from how often do you do it? Join Matt as always is the young and beautiful Jessie Graham, the talented and funny James Rodney and our guest panelist from Gossip Overload.com, celebrity expert, Whitney Tulio.