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02 May

decides to give Clare a rose in hopes that she will go to the dance with him, as does Connor.

They proceed to slow dance in the hallway until Connor sees them and storms off.

Clare accurately predicts that Jane will call Spinner and apologize for overreacting, Anya will call Sav, and that Blue is waiting for Holly J.

and Clare approach Spinner, Jay, Sav and Holly J., and righteously tell them that the holidays are about giving, caring, and sharing. Clare calls him old, and says he can't stop people from feeling love.

C., Jenna, Alli, and Dave when they're all at Above the Dot. C., Jenna, Connor, and Alli can help her with The Degrassi Daily. In Closer To Free (2), Clare was looking through #Stuff Clare Says on Twitter, and K. In Rusty Cage (2), Clare, along with Alli, Bianca, Connor, and Jenna find out that K.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), after successfully finishing the paper, Clare treats everyone to pizza. Later, Clare, Adam, and Connor are presenting their project, and they tweet everything Clare says. C., Adam, Dave, and Connor wearing a wig and mocking everything Clare says. Clare and the others get washroom passes so they can leave class to say their goodbyes and all hug K.

visit Jenna at Power Squad practice, and Jenna tells them that Dave dumped her.

lifts Jenna off of the floor and spins her around with a hug,while K.

They later go to Connor's house to help finish building the robot. When finishing with the robot, Clare gets annoyed with K. and Connor's arguing and she says she won't go to the dance at all, and just wants to finish building the robot. tells Jay that no amount of pixie dust is going to change that, and Jay defends himself, saying his magic dust isn't pixie dust as that would be lame. asks Clare if she wants go somewhere and make out, and she shyly agrees. says he's sorry for everything, and Clare looks surprised. However, he still has trouble and Jenna convinces K.