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18 Apr

"Audi, vide, tace, si vis vivere in pace." We initially met on e Bay, aggressively bidding against each other, trying to acquire sets of "see no, hear no and speak no evil" monkeys.

A collector, Susan Scribner, brought us together in St Louis, MO in October 2001, to meet in person and to share our common interest.

The three monkeys appeared on koshin stones perhaps a hundred years prior to Jingoro's carvings. We visited many shrines and temples, most associated with the three monkeys. Iida, is a Kyoto native, a career in the airline industry, lifelong three monkey collector, author of nine books and just published book on The Three Monkeys World Wide (we regret his books are written only in Japanese). He is a researcher, his books are written for researchers and he not content to accept what is copied from history book to history book. Iida is a free thinker, has an open mind, open sight and open hearing. More about Near the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, the Imperial capital of Japan from 794 AD to 1868 AD, is Rozanji Temple, founded in 938, moved to its current site in 1573 and rebuilt after a fire in 1758.Professor Archer Taylor (1890-1973), a folklorist, writes about a Roman proverb.He traced it's early origins to a sermon in Paris about 1300 AD and to Gesta Romanorum, a Latin collection of folklore and legends in the late 14th century.This web site is for those nice folks who collect the three "No Evil" monkeys.Whether you are a casual or a serious collector, just starting or long time collector, we invite you to join our email list.