12 week dating scan accuracy

17 Feb

Now I must explain that because I knew the exact date of my LMP, the GP said that I did not need an early dating scan and was not offered one.My question is..accurate is this dating later on in the pregnancy, as the same thing happened with my previous bub (nearly 10 years ago, when they didn't have dating scans) He arrived on my own predicted dates (going by LMP) and not the scan dates (2 weeks after) Does the scan actually take the entire 40 weeks into account, or just the 38 weeks of "actual baby"?

On this pregnancy, had scan at what should have been 9 1 and was measuring 8 1.

I was suprised as my cycle is very regular for the last year but my symptoms were indicating I was further along.

Also, I have no idea when I ovulate but I do get pains early in cycle so had a feeling it was early.

This time round I've been more cautious and am saying that I am 9 weeks even though by LMP I should be 10.

It's really soul destroying when you think you've reached the safe mark of 12 weeks to hear that your actually only 9 weeks pregnant.