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03 Mar

They told me that's what the industry wanted, but later insisted that I get breast-enhancement surgery.

The first few shoots were very basic, but then in the next shoot they informed me that I wouldn't be paid the full price or have my flight paid for unless I did the anal scene.

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So that was checked off my list, and then it became this voice in my head: So I started checking his laptop history and phone history, and I found countless pages of porn still open and tracked.

He previously confessed to watching porn while I was in the same room right next to him.

But the scabs were scabbed over, so I wasn't buying it entirely.

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All statements and accounts are made only by the author, and not Anti Pornography.org, and the sharing of accounts here by our organization should not be construed as corroboration of any personal account or statement. My story is rather long but I feel like it could help many people out in the world who are dealing with the same situation.I was signing contracts without reading them, because all I cared about was the money.I was paid extra because I looked younger than 18 and had a size 32A chest.I reluctantly said yes, since I couldn't afford to pay for my own flight.So I signed another contract and began the most disgusting day of my life.