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Лейбл: Eatbrain
Исполнитель: Qo
Дата релиза: 19.01.2015
Жанр: Electronic
Стиль: Drum & bass
Источник: Web
Тип: MP3
Треков: 5
Длительность: 25:49
Качество: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Full Stereo
Размер: 58.4 mb

It's been a big year for Eatbrain - the Budapest-based drum & bass label headed up by Jade. Between a highly successful full-length outing with Tales of the Undead LP and solo EPs from an ever growing roster of quality producers, Eatbrain has continued to establish itself as a reliable source for premier neurofunk drum & bass. The beginning of 2015 sees Czech producer Qo deliver his debut solo EP for Eatbrain. Over the last few years, he's become one of the strongest voices in hard drum & bass, owing to his expert skills in the studio - where he's carved out a distinct, aggressive brand of neurofunk - as well as the DJ booth. After absolutely smashing his debut Eatbrain track earlier this year ('Killcode') it seemed only fitting that he deliver several more. Qo kicks off with his highly anticipated collaboration with MC Rymetyme 'The Fuse'. Setting the stage with foreboding atmosphere and pattering percussion, Qo wastes no time before letting Rymetyme take control with dark lyricism of anthemic proportions. 'The Fuse' warms up to critical levels before making full impact; a storming combination of absolutely lethal bassline and drums which only grow in intensity. The eponymous 'Atari X' is a far more disjointed affair . After warming up with a spooky synthetic melody during the onset, Qo takes us into steppy territory with punchy, jagged drums punctuated by an aching reece. 'Cyber Ninja' sees Qo joined by fellow Czech bassline technician Computerartist. Both producers' talent for sound design is immediately apparent, from the futuristic intro to the dynamic, pumping sub-bass throughout. 'Evil Dead' maintains the anxiety which permeates Atari X EP with eerie atmospherics and arelentless combo of tearing bass and percussion. As if the original wasn't enough of a killer, Mindscape rounds out the release with a remix of Qo and Nuklear MC's 'Killcode' - a gem from Tales of the Undead LP. Fast, pounding low-end and aggressive, hypnotic vocals from Nuklear make Mindscape's take on 'Killcode' a visceral experience...to say the least. Eatbrain opens 2015 in style.

01. Qo feat. RymeTyme - The Fuse (Original Mix)
02. Qo - Atari X (Original Mix)
03. Computerartist & Qo - Cyber Ninja (Original Mix)
04. Qo - Evil Dead (Original Mix)
05. Qo feat. Nuklear MC - Killcode (Mindscape Remix)

rusfolder.com: [скачать]
yadi.sk: [скачать]
www3.zippyshare.com: [скачать]
ul.to: [скачать]
share.bashtel.ru: [скачать]

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От: yegoist, 20-01-2015, 19:04, Drum and Bass

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